Natural Home Remedies for Increasing Breast Size

Some women end up with small breasts that make them feel awkward about dressing up or moving around in social circles. Although the reasons for small breasts may vary, most women wishing to increase their breast size usually opt for surgery. In addition to being an expensive procedure, breast enhancement procedure does not always provide fruitful results and can leave permanent side effects that can be even more devastating to handle.

Effective Home Remedies For Increasing Breast Size

Increasing breast size does not necessarily warrant surgery. There are simpler and more natural ways to achieve the desired breast size than going under the knife for the same. So if you are on the lookout for such remedies that can help you get bigger breasts, here are some excellent ideas that you can try out within the confines of your home. These remedies may take some time to provide fruitful results. But you can be rest assured that the end results would be effective, and would come with a reward of absolutely no side effects at all!

Regular Breast Massages


Massaging your breasts regularly is considered to be one of the best home remedies to naturally increase breast size. A regular breast massage for about 30 minutes every day can effectively increase the breast by one cup size in just one month!

Massaging your breasts would increase blood flow as well as the flow of phytoestrogens found in the bloodstream to the breast (hormones instrumental in the growth of breasts). Massaging the breasts regularly would also stimulate the increased production of prolactin, a breast enlarging hormone that would be instrumental in increasing the breast size.

Bust Increasing Exercises


Certain exercises can target the breast muscles and help them grow, thereby increasing your breast size effectively (and naturally). The following exercises can be done at your home and do not cause much strain on the body as well.

Wall Press

Stand straight facing a wall (at arm’s length). Place your palms on the wall and push against it without bending your elbows.

Keep pushing for about 10 seconds and take a break. Repeat the exercise for about 20 times each once in the morning and evening for desirable results.

Swinging Arms

Stand straight with your arms by your side. Swing both arms in the clockwise direction for about 10-15 counts. Take a small break (about 5 seconds) and swing your arms in the anticlockwise direction next for about 10-15 counts. Repeat this exercise for about 10 minutes at regular intervals throughout the day to effectively increase your breast size in a short span of time.

Household Chores

The use of electronic items to do the household chores has left women with unhealthy bodies that lack physical exercise. One of the best ways to naturally increase breast size in this case would be to manually do those chores that require plenty of arm movements. An excellent example would be grinding.

Eat Estrogenic Foods

Your breast size can significantly depend on the presence or absence of certain hormones in your body. While the presence of male hormones like testosterone can impede breast growth, absence of estrogen can also reduce breast development and leave you with small, underdeveloped breasts.

The best way to overcome this is to eat foods rich in estrogen. Excess levels of estrogen in the body would regulate the hormonal levels and help you achieve bigger breasts in a short span of time. Some of the best natural sources of estrogen include chicken head soup, anise seeds, soy foods, vegetables, legumes, fruits, eggs, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds etc.

Eat Healthy Fats

Increasing your intake of healthy fats can help increase your breast size, provided you don’t put on weight everywhere else. Avoid unhealthy fats that can create health related problems in the long run.

Stick to healthy fats found in foods like eggs, avocados, nuts, olive oil, fatty (oily) fish, and peanut butter etc. and follow it up with regular exercises to make sure the fat your derive from these foods reach your breasts without stopping anywhere in between.

Eat Radish

Radish has been linked to natural breast enhancement in several studies and is known to contain potent astringent properties that would help improve the blood flow to the local tissues, including those found in the breasts.

Increased blood circulation to the breasts would help increase breast size quickly and effectively.

Opt For Natural Supplements

Lack of certain minerals and vitamins in the body can lead to hormonal imbalances which in turn can cause underdeveloped or small breasts. In these cases, opting for natural supplements can help prevent these deficiencies and promote normal breast development.Some of the natural supplements that aid in breast growth include:

Amino Acids

In addition to increasing the breast size, amino acids are known to help burn excess fat stores in the body and prolong the aging process. Amino acids also have properties that emulate those of the growth hormone needed for breast enlargement.

Taking amino acid supplements on a regular basis would therefore, help increase breast size quickly, effectively and naturally.


Woman touching her face

Vitamin deficiencies can have a negative impact on your breast size. While each vitamin (Vitamin A, C, E and B6) has its own specific role in breast enhancement, combined together, these vitamins can help promote breast development to a great extent. For instance, Vitamin A helps promote skin cell regeneration and rejuvenation.

Vitamin C helps in collagen restoration, thereby increasing the fullness and support of cellular tissues and skin (including those found in the breast). Vitamin B6 aids in formation of new blood cells. And Vitamin E helps regulates the cholesterol levels in the body, thereby preventing the formation of excess fat stores in other parts of the body. Together, these vitamins can help increase the breast size naturally without causing any side effects in the process.

Wear Breast Enhancing Clothes

The clothes you wear can either highlight your breasts or make them look downright flat (even if you have a normal bust size). Always make it a point to choose clothes that do not flatten out your chest as this can be detrimental to your breasts. If you have small breasts, opt for padded bras and clothes that would make your breasts look bigger and fuller.

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Eye Wrinkles

Seven Ways to Wipe Eye Wrinkles

Because the skin around the eye is very thin and is always the first to begin to show wrinkles, eye wrinkles can appear at almost any age. They will also appear more quickly if a person has a substantial amount of sun damage (sun worshippers beware!).
Prevention Of Dreaded Eye Wrinkles
Old Sol Gifts You With Eye Wrinkles: the best thing to do to try to prevent eye wrinkles is to put sunscreen on before you go outside. Not only will it protect you from getting skin cancer, but it can also help prevent eye wrinkles from forming.
Water, Water & More Water: one way you can reduce, or even eliminate, eye wrinkles naturally is by increasing your intake of water (no, coffee, tea and soft drinks don’t count – sorry). When you drink water you are hydrating your skin, keeping it lush and supple. When you don’t drink enough water then your skin will become dry, and more prone to wrinkles – think of the cracks in the desert when it hasn’t rained in months.
Eye Wrinkles
Fruit Is Loaded With Water: drinking water is very hard for some people, so another way you can try to keep your skin healthy is by eating plenty of fruit. A lot of fruits, like grapes and watermelon, are a good way to keep the skin hydrated.
Cukes Reduce Puffiness: one good food to use on your eyes is the cucumber. You can slice two pieces and place them on your eyes for a time and this will reduce any swelling. Reducing puffiness also relaxes the eyes and relaxation equals fewer or shallower wrinkles.
Eggs Aren’t Just For Poaching, Frying Or Scrambling: eggs are also very good for treating eye wrinkles. The most beneficial part of the egg to use is the white because egg whites will tighten the skin and lessen the appearance of eye wrinkles. Simply place egg white on your eye wrinkles and lie down and relax for a bit.
Exhaustion Circles Just Aren’t That Attractive: another way to improve the appearance of your skin and get rid of all kinds of wrinkles is by getting the appropriate amount of sleep each night. When a human body does not get the right amount of sleep it can not only damage its health, but it can cause the skin to age prematurely, causing unsightly wrinkles to form.
High Quality Anti Aging Creams Fight All Wrinkles: all of these anti-wrinkle strategies are effective, but there’s no doubt that they require patience. So if you’re in a hurry to minimize or eliminate those aging eye wrinkles, then consider a facial cream that includes quality ingredients. When you “feed” your skin properly it will stay healthy and will be tight and firm. Two of the best are:
1. Collagen: is the most powerful substance known to help keep skin stay young, soft and vibrant. Naturally produced by the body, we produce less collagen as we age and by replenishing this critical substance, we kiss off old Father Time.
2. Matrixyl: its job is to promote a natural increase in collagen production and has been clinically shown to reduce the number and depth of wrinkles.
NOTE: Under eye skin is very delicate, so it is best to apply the anti aging cream by gently tapping it on with one finger. When you apply it this way you will not cause further eye wrinkles to form.

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Home Remedies for Canker Sores

Canker sores are medically known as pathos ulcers or, quite simply, oral ulcers. These ulcers are shallow painful sores in the mouth, which appear red and might have a red or white coating over them. The most prominent places where these sores occur are inside the lips or cheeks, base of the gums or under the tongue. Canker sores should not be confused with blisters which are most commonly found outside the lips or the corners of the mouth.
Cause of Canker Sores
Recurrent canker sores have been associated with inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis. In these cases, the development of canker sores may signal a flare-up of the bowel disease.
Canker sores can run in families. They may also be linked to problems with the body’s immune (defense) system. The sores may occur after a mouth injury due to dental work, aggressive tooth cleaning, or biting the tongue or cheek


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Skin Tags

Home Ways To Remove Skin Tags

Benign growths that occur on the outer cover of the body of people, and which look like minute pieces of hanging skin, are known as skin tags. Ordinarily, these growths do not harm people. Some people are more likely to get the spots than others, and they could have as many as 100 of the swellings. Being overweight and obese are factors that increase a person’s chances of having the spots. Rather than spend a lot of money on a dermatologist, it is better to learn the home solutions for how to get rid of skin tags.
This condition is also hereditary, which means that a person can get it if one of their relatives have had it. Both sexes have equal probability of developing the condition. But for women with slightly larger breasts, they have increased chances of having the growths. The growths are to be commonly found under the mammary glands.


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Black Heads

Top 7 Treatments To Help Get Rid Of Blackheads

Nothing reflects your beauty better than glowing, flawless, and clear skin. A slight flaw not only steals away that perfection from your look but it might also reflect a possible careless attitude towards your skin and a lack of healthy and effective skin cleaning routine.
If you haven’t been able to get rid of blackheads even after using many skin care products, chances are that the treatment/ products you are using are not as good as they promise to be or are not particularly effective on your skin type. Blackheads do not always suggest a problem with hygiene. In some cases, blackheads suggest a more serious skin problem or some other health condition and require medical help. If left untreated, blackheads can get infected and develop into bigger blackheads or acne.


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DIY Home Remedies for Dry Hair

There are many culprits that can cause dry hair – pollution, sun exposure, stress, and even hair care products are some of them. However, you don’t need to worry because quick fixes for your thirsty tresses are right at home and in your fridge or your pantry.

This tasty condiment doesn’t just work on sandwiches – it can totally pamper and condition tired, parched hair. Mayonnaise is full of three important ingredients that do wonders for the hair: protein, oil, and L-cysteine.


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